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ENERGIAS DEL PLATA is a passionate, practical and highly trained company headquartered in Buenos Aires, dedicated to professional management, engineering and consultancy in renewable energy generation projects, focused on the Southern Cone, with demonstrable experience in development, construction and operation of projects in both Europe and America, and       more than 780 MW currently managed on the ground in Argentina and Chile

780 MW

1.5 GW





Power Plant Performance Services
Project Management and Owner's Engineering

Helping you to manage smartly your project on the ground, with fully experienced teams, and from engineering approval until the project completion.


To fill the experience gap, as the #1 “owner’s engineer” firm in Argentina, we can easily and quickly deploy on the ground a cadre of highly qualified power engineers who focus on avoiding design errors and keeping the project on schedule. Being your loyal fully-dedicated advisor on the ground is the best option in an industry-based initiative along with the engineer-procure-construct (EPC) contracting method, as in the renewable energy field usually happens. Besides managing your project in the daily basis we can offer your the perfect complement to control 100% your project, with the review and approval of the executive engineering project issued for construction ("IFC") with our hearqueartered team of engineers, offering technical assistance until the succesful project completion.


Avda. Alicia M. de Justo 1848, 3th floor, 6th Office

Puerto Madero C1107AFL, Buenos Aires (Argentina)




  • Business model design
  • Project operating cost assessment
  • Power purchase agreements and utilities negotiations
  • Project design evaluations
  • Power generation equipment supply agreements
  • Construction contract agreements
  • Project engineering and construction evaluations
  • Project management
  • Commissioning and start-up
  • Contract advisory


  • Management, operations and maintenance mobilizations
  • Operations and asset management assessments
  • Contract operations and maintenance services
  • Project valuation analysis
  • Project acquisition analysis and support services
  • Project asset value improvement programs
  • Project repowering evaluation and planning
  • Technical problem solving



We can provide sound expertise and independent advice on the ground, on behalf of the owner, and along every stage of your project's construction based on a  succesful >1500 MW proven experience

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Some of our clients

How much extra energy can you get from your power plant? 20 years within the renewable energy sector allow us to improve your current plant performance


What power plant owners and operators really want to see are positive and sustainable operating outcomes. These include: persistent problems fixed, optimum year-round performance, reduced operating costs, and guaranteed energy productions. To this purpose, there is an specific strategy to optimize your operating power plant performance according to, simultaneously current plant operating stage, technical characteristics and owner's objectives. Beyond classical O&M oversight or performance and yield monitoring, enhancing predictive maintenance strategies or ad-hoc solutions can be succesfully implemented in the short term basis.

Streamlining the development of your greenfield renewable energy projects, with taylor-made services from the scratch to "ready-to-build” stage


We are fully experienced in the development for local an international third parties several solar, wind and biomass greenfield projects in Argentina, undertaking a well defined development process which gives the economical and legal predictability an early stage minimizing the risk of the investment in the medium-long term. Our experience on the ground allows us to ensure successful results promoting their new energy projects, from the initial stages to final operation permits. We are able to manage and conduct electrical studies, environmental impact assessment studies and, obviously, develope optimized projects of electricalproduction from renewable energy sources.



Our current portfolio includes management and consulting services in all phases of power projects, from pre-development to operations



  • Project seeking
  • Risk analysis
  • Energy resource assessments
  • Site conditions evaluation
  • Power equipment technology evaluation
  • Preliminary project economic and feasibility assessments
  • Grid connection technical analysis
  • Social and economic plans
  • Environmental assessment
  • Permitting process audit
  • Land Procurement

Our Services

Engineering and Technical Consulting

We can provide expertise and independent technical advice along every stage of your project's life cycle.


Our current portfolio covers a very wide range of engineering, and technical consulting, focused on finding out best solutions for our clients’ complex problems. From classic pre-planning (developing feasibility studies or conceptual engineering) to planning-development (site-services, permitting, issuance of RFPs, RFPs, TORs and ITBs, for project quotations), with a complete range of services to create complete "Master Contract Services" (MSA) to select contracts to design, construct, finance, and operate renewable energy facilities. Our experience designing solutions "beyond the paper" overpassess classical engineering: we are able to help you in your strategical decisions, since we know how to finance projects.



We cover a very wide range of services, such as support in strategic business decisions, and complete technical problem solving, from the initial pre-planning to the urgent planning-development



How much extra energy can your power plant provide? +20 years of experience in the renewable energy sector allow us to know how to improve and optimize your current plant performance with safety fulfilment



We help you to promote yout greenfield energy projects, from the scratch,  to final operation permits of the "ready-to-build" stage, offering you a complete range of options and taylor-made services

Let's get started on the right solutions and services to help you achieve your short- and long-term goals.We are ready to help you by meeting you one-on-one, face-to-face at our office.





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Welcome to Energias del Plata

We can offer you a complete set of products and services designed specifically to support and streamline management, development, consulting and assessment of clean and renewable generation assets, all performed by a fully-experienced team

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